What if I told you that people could have a tragic tough life, and a very happy successful life?  Would you believe it?  Most of you would answer yes without even thinking about it. But truth be told most people don’t believe that they can overcome tragedies in our lives.  Part of what I do is share my story of hope, so people will see, and believe that you can overcome any tragedy, and you can have a happy successful life.  People often ask me why I share my story to so many people.  I have two answers. First is my mother struggled with alcoholism, depression, and was a victim of domestic violence.  My mother was able to put on a mask and fool most people in her life. Since no one was able to see my mother hurting. She did not receive the help or know how to ask for help. Because of this I want to reach out to everyone that wears that same mask of hiding the hurt.  The second reason I share my story is one word “HOPE” there were people in my life that gave me the best gift someone can give. You can’t buy hope it can only be given.  By sharing my story of hope I get to give this gift to a lot of people, and to be honest it’s a feeling that I cannot explain, its priceless!  As a kid I was always a fighter.  I didn’t always know why I was so angry.  I just know without certain people in my life meeting me where I was, and not giving up on me.  I’m so great that I get to motivate, teach, and model what it’s like to beat the odds!  I still fight, but now I just fight for a different reason. I fight for the people that can’t fight for themselves.